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We have been successfully serving the public authorities and the industrial and economic sectors for more than 30 years and are your first point of contact for interpreting and translation services. Please visit us at our office in the judicial district. We will gladly listen to requests, questions and comments.

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INTRADUCT® - The translation agency to go for experienced and professional translators and interpreters in Dortmund

INTRADUCT® began offering its translating and interpreting services in Dortmund in 1982. In over 30 years in the business, we have provided strong support to numerous clients by supplying them with professional translations, for example in the technology or legal sector. We also provide translators and interpreters for non-business matters. Professional translations require more than just fluency in the source and target languages: they also require comprehensive knowledge of the cultural context. A translator must therefore be able to conduct meticulous research and must be highly intuitive, in order to detect the subtlest nuances. Translating is an essential tool – which we have raised to a form of art.

Interpreting requires the ability to react quickly. The goal is to convey the spoken word into the client’s language rapidly and reliably so that he or she can concentrate wholly on the conversation. Since different situations call for different interpretation methods and language styles, we will gladly advise you in advance.

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