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Do you need an interpreter for a meeting with a public authority or a civil wedding?

If so, liaison interpreting is just what you are looking for:
Liaison interpreters provide smooth communication between interlocutors. They are used in business negotiations and small meetings, by public authorities and doctors and when meeting business partners in restaurants. The dialogue is usually interpreted bilingually by sentence or phrase (often in the form of questions and answers). This ensures that the conversation remains natural and lively.

One form of liaison interpreting is escort interpreting. The interpreter accompanies a person or delegation and interprets their conversations with changing interlocutors. Visiting business partners from foreign countries are often provided with an escorting interpreter as well.

In addition to an excellent knowledge of the language and subject matter, other qualities are also important for escorting interpreters. The interpreter must be proficient in common social etiquette and have excellent table manners, as interpreting often takes place during dinner conversations.

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