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Terminology management


What is terminology?

Terminology is defined as the coinage and use of terms (technical terms). Terms are words or phrases to describe products, services or trade jargon. They are often used by businesses to set themselves apart from their competitors. Most businesses use a growing number of trade or business-related terms which must be correctly saved, approved and translated. Terms may include product names as well as entire advertisement slogans.


Why is terminology management so important?

Poor terminology management can lead to inconsistent use of terminology, and thus to translations that contain contradictory definitions. As a result, the translations cannot be re-used. As the terminology cannot be used for future translations, the work takes longer and requires more resources. If, in addition, the terminology is poorly managed, your customers will become unsatisfied and minimise your capacities for new translation projects.


INTRADUCT®‘s terminology management

We work with the SDL Trados Studio translation memory system, which features an integrated terminology management tool. Once the terms have been defined they will be managed and maintained in your own terminology database and will be translated consistently in the future. The tool prevents the use of several, sometimes confusing, synonyms, thus creating a uniform style which works as an advantage for your company, your employees, your customers and the general public as you will present yourself in a uniform language and can avoid miscommunication from the start.


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